mixing “run”

today’s mixing session was not as successful as yesterday.

i did make a lot of progress, but there’s some weird thing going on with the audio as a whole: towards the end of the song, when the song is at its busiest, and hotest, there are some weird audio dips in volume. it sounds as if there were some limiter on, and it’s compressing the audio, (specifically the vocal), at certain spots. it’s always at the same spots.

i checked everywhere, and honestly i haven’t a clue what’s happening. i’m going to have to google this and see if it’s some sort of bug? or maybe my firewire solo can’t handle all that audio output? i don’t know. that sounds strange to me.

what i do know for now, is that i’m much closer in this song than i had ever been. this is by far the more difficult of all 6, with all it’s dynamic range and drastic mood swings.

almost there.

almost there.

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