from mixing to wining

i definitely figured out what my problem was with run. it was dumb. i mean, i guess i was trying to be efficient, and in doing so it started messing with my shit.

i want to say that it was phasing, and i suppose in a way it sorta was? i had been busing the backups AND the leads to the same bus. apparently, that’s not a good idea. there was something that was going wonky when the vocals would sing, “shadow” and “me” at the same time. they overlap and…well. they just canceled each other out. it was kinda wacky. there was compressor on the bus, so maybe it was way pass the threshold? i didn’t want to experiment too much. but at least i got to the bottom of it.

i’m pleased with what i have. i don’t want to listen to it anymore tonight. i need a break. i’m pretty sure that the last bounces i did were final. i’ll listen briefly tomorrow, and then do real bounces to aif or wavs.

it was a long day of work, but completely worth it. run came out so good, i almost wanted to go back and remix the other two louder tracks. i didn’t fully remix them, but i did adjust the EQ and overall levels.

i poured myself a cup of wine and gave myself a toast for a job well done. 😀

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