New Review! Thanks to Smart to Noise Ratio

Here’s a wonderfully candid review of Feeling A Little Emo by Jon Dayton. Thanks Jon!

Happy New Year! I have a little more music for you. You may remember the interview post I did with an old college friend Luciar. It’s worth a read as she independently confirms a lot of the ideas we talk about here. Shortly after that interview she was finishing up her current album and asked me to take a listen to it.

(Before I get too far there is some language so keep that in mind if you were thinking of listening at work or with the kids around.)

I’d encourage you do click over there and have a listen yourself (then buy it!). It’s probably sort of like something but it’s not really like anything I’ve ever heard. It’s sort of part girl singer/songwriter stuff, part NIN fan,  part show tunes. The last bit was what really got me. As I progressed from song to song I got the feeling like I was sitting in a theatre watching different acts come on. They’re all part of the same show but each was unique. Before I was done listening I had a whole cast, vivid imagery in my mind, including set pieces.

Click here to read the rest.

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