NEW SONG: “ At the Seams” IGNITION LAB WEEK #39 & #40

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

For weeks #39 and #40 I combined the prompts, which were to WRITE AN INSTRUMENTAL and the word SEAMS. I didn’t just write an instrumental and called it “seams”, although that might’ve been easier. Oh no, I didn’t go for easy. I went for a Nine Inch Nails inspired industrial, noisy, super-basy, wtf-hit-me instrumental, which segues into a small song in the end, using the same motif from the instrumental. This was posted on October 22nd, and I had just gone to see NIN a couple of weeks before and was still filled with inspiration and awe at my hero Trent Reznor.

This was challenging with time. I had to construct the track on Logic during Darius’ naps which means it was all done on headphones, and done little bits at a time. This is a track I’d love to come back to and release as Elwood Emission. Here we go!

At the Seams

You can’t break my heart and sew it back
You can’t mend my love
You can’t reinsert yourself like that
With your pushing and your shoves

I can tell you with certainty
You don’t bring out the best of me
Lets just say farewell
Before I come undone at the seams
Lets just say farewell
Before I come undone at the seams
At the seams
At the seams

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