New (rap) Song: “Waste Away” Ignition Lab Week #36

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

ok. I wrote a rap.  The prompt was to write a song outside my genre. So I did. VERY OUTSIDE my genre!
It’s simple. My nephew rapped to a track I built on Logic with me singing the choruses. Thank goodness for nephews who have a sense of humor and are willing to do random musical things for their aunties. Lyrics after the video:

Waste Away

Can’t get a break
There’s only so much I can take
Before I wake
Realize I gotta make a change
Pave the road to go and know there’s nowhere as low as
Where I’ve been
Where I’m gonna be if I free my mind
In time I’ll see a better life

Don’t live your life in chains
You gotta find your way
Break free from all the pains
Don’t waste yourself away

A new life
I win some I lose some.
I’ve got a knack for falling back
It’s a trap, I know it’s whack
There’s a long road ahead, can’t stop tryin’ til i’m dead
’cause I got will, determination
No hesitation
No trepidation
Don’t give in to temptation
Before I know, I’ll be free
And in a place where I wanna be