New Song: “Tangled In You” Ignition Lab #31

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

The prompt for week #31  was to write a song for TV/FILM PLACEMENT. I chose to write a song for a young adult show in which two friends are conversing with obvious undertones of a crush. So, it’s a secret-crush song. (I’d like to add that I had been simultaneously writing the song for week #32. I had been traveling so I fell behind a bit. I enjoyed the challenge of writing two songs at once. When I ran out of steam on one, I’d jump on the other.)

Once again, strangely, I wrote lyrics first and then added the melody second. What’s happening here? Anyway, I had to recall what it felt like to have a crush as a teenager, (gawd! I’m glad THAT’s over!) and the amount of aching and longing you feel when your crush walks in to the same room you’re in. Then after all that, you get to hold your crush in an embrace…tangled in each other’s arms, etc…”Tangled in you.”

A simple, catchy hook: I wanna be tangled in you.

Longing. Lust. Feeling like I’m 15 again.

Tangled in You

If you were to look into my eyes
You’d see something new
If you were to read between my lines
You’d know the truth

Something aches for you
Something moves for you

Embrace me
Let me feel the beat of your heart
Tell me
Nothing’s gonna tear us apart
I wanna be tangled in you

When you walk in and I see your face
My heart skips a beat
If you were to move into my space
You’d feel the heat

Maybe you noticed
Maybe you’ve thought of it too