New Song: “Sleep/Dormir” Ignition Lab Week #28

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

This week’s word prompt was TIRED. Oh, so many things I can say about being tired. But I directed this one at Darius, who’s a little sleep resister. I’m convinced that he just doesn’t want to miss out, and even as he falls asleep he’s moaning as if to say, “I’m not tired, no…I don’t…wanna…no….zzz…..”

I took this opportunity to write Darius a lullaby, and since one is usually not equipped with instruments to sing lullabies to babies, I did it a cappella.

I had been singing a 1-liner song in spanish to Darius for quite some time now, “Ya es tiempo de dormir…”, It’s time to sleep. The song I wrote here was me elaborating on that one line–in english AND in spanish. There’s definitely an art to translating songs, an art that I do not fully understand, but I certainly tried! If you’ve heard songs like Gloria Estefan’s “Anything For You” and the Spanish version, “No Te Olvidaré” and compare the lyrics, it’s hard not to scratch your head and wonder how they arrived there. (And I cannot believe I just made a Gloria Estefan reference.)

I think I came close to a decent translation. Funny enough, the song started with a 1-line lyric and melody in Spanish, then was added-to in English. Then translated to Spanish. Huh? It was a decent challenge, even with something as simple as a children’s song. I didn’t even know how to say the word rhyme in Spanish, (rime for you curious folks.)


Another day full of play
Nears the end, it can’t stay
Say good night, hug me tight
And rest your tired eyes

Now it’s time you count your sheep
Let yourself drift to sleep
Dream of all the sweetest things
And the joy they will bring

La la la la…

Otro día lleno de alegría
Llega al fin de ésta melodía
Dame un besito y un abrazito
Y vaya a descansar

Ya es tiempo de dormir
Y tu cuerpo a rendir
Dulces sueños van venir
Te harán sonreir