New Song: “Reckless” Ignition Lab Week #27

The Ignition Lab is a group songwriting challenge to write a song a week  in 2013, using weekly word prompts as a starting point. Follow our work on Facebook:

The word prompt for this week was HELP. I had an idea to write a song from the perspective of someone being so careless with themselves and others, and realized they needed help. It felt a little weird to write from this perspective and I had to have a certain level of detachment. While working on week #26, the verse popped in my head: I can choose to be kind // I can lose my mind // Stay awake all night // Take a break, start a fight.

I whispered the melody into my iPhone voice memo app, (Darius was napping), I suddenly heard a groove. A funky groove. I can do this, I thought.

The disadvantages of turning over these songs so quickly is that I don’t get a chance to practice the song much before I have to start writing the next one. Especially with the limited amount of time I have as I juggle caring for a baby. That said, I did have something in mind and I’m not sure if I pulled it off. I think I would take the tempo a little slower if I did it again now, and would definitely work on some piano licks. But for now, you got a groove and a reckless gal who like anyone with any addiction problem, think they’re in control and can stop any time.

Am I in control of this pocket? You tell me! Video below, and lyrics below that!


I can chose to be kind
I can lose my mind
Stay awake all night
Take a break, start a fight

In control of my life
So I think it’s alright
If I spin out of touch
You might say it’s too much

Maybe I need some help
or, This is how it’s done
Can’t seem to help myself
‘Cause I like to have fun

Gonna be reckless, useless, careless

What if I care less about you and me
What you say what you think
If I’m right and you’re wrong
I have will to be strong

I can change when I want
I am through with your taunts
It’s all up to me
I can be who I wanna be

I wanna be reckless, useless, fearless

Maybe I fear
To feel how things really are
I don’t wanna hear
How my life is falling apart
What if this is all I have
What if this is all I have

Stop looking at me
I am not what you see
Who am I, I don’t know
Just a tragic bumb lying on the road

Maybe I need some help
or, This is how it’s done
Can’t seem to help myself
’cause I like to have fun

Don’t wanna be reckless anymore