Interview with Smart to Noise Ratio

I was thrilled when I got asked to be interviewed for this audio blog by my old buddy, Jon Dayton. Ok, not thrilled. INTIMIDATED. But after a little coaxing, even encouragement from my nephew, I went a head and did it. I even enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy it too.

SNR: Hi Lucy, it’s been a while since we both walked the halls on the third floor of the Music Building at SUNY Purchase, but I remember you being a respected musician and engineer back in those days. I expect not much has changed from looking at your website and hearing your stuff on Sound Cloud. I hope all our readers will check out your stuff but just in case they don’t, would you give us the short version of what you’ve been up to musically in the last ten years or so?

L: Sometimes I really miss being on the 3rd floor. I miss being surrounded by constant music practicing and noise-making. Al Improta vibrating the door to his practice room when playing his bass. Many of us hiding from security to get more studio time after 2 am. Good times.

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