New song: “History” For the Ignition Lab Week #15

I forgot to post this last week, so here you are: Week #15!

The word prompt for this week was HISTORY. I had started writing something and scrapped it all after the terrible Boston events. I felt moved to write something–not directly about it– but sort of a call to action. The days following a tragedy like this is usually filled with so much disillusion over how this world is missing compassion and is just downright cruel. But instead of going down that road of disenchantment, I wanted to remind each of us that we have a responsibility to show our next generation how the world SHOULD be. And what better way to do that than live by example?

The lyrics needs some finessing and the melody more dynamics, but you’ll get the gist. I’m wondering if I should refine this and record it just to put it out there. This world could use a reminder of hope.




How will history see
In these moments of need
How long will it take
to learn from our mistakes
In the choices we make

But this is not the time to give in
We can light the fire from within

Don’t stop trying, I beg you
Keep going on
As long as we’re breathing
And keep on believing
This life will be worth living

We have a responsibility
to let our children see
The way this life aught to be
It’s by our reaction
Of love and compassion
That we inspire good action

Don’t wait for the next war to arrive
To set our differences aside

It would be a crime
to not take the time
To look for the light
and set things right

How will history see
In these moments of need