(Weird) New Song: “Temporary Fragility” for The Ignition Lab Week#16

Ok, I might’ve gotten a little weird. Maybe I just wanted to use my toy piano. Maybe I only heard one line on the toy piano, and decided the whole song should wrap around it. (It’s mostly the latter.)

The word prompt for this week was FRAGILE. I kept hearing this little line on the toy piano, a thematic melody that reoccurs throughout the song. Because the toy piano has a very bright (annoying) sound, I thought it best to add bass and drums to the background so it’s not alone. The aftermath isn’t …TERRIBLE I think, but I probably wouldn’t keep the song like this if I were to fully produce/record it. It’s like toy piano gone wild or something, but fun to do nonetheless.

Lyrically, I wanted to convey an image of being adrift at sea feeling very vulnerable but recognizing that it’s temporary. I wanted to keep the melody really, really simple, and have the thematic melody on the toy piano be the star. The beats behind the track are very trip-hoppy which was sorta fun to play a toy piano to.

Check out the video below, and the lyrics are below that. Enjoy!

Temporary Fragility

I don’t know how I got here
Hanging on just by a string
The wheel was set for me to steer
But I’ve lost sight of everything

Temporary fragility

The moon hangs in the air so still
It casts a glow on half my face
I’ll get through this by my sheer will
And once again I’ll find my place

Temporary fragility

I know it’s temporary
I know it feels so scary
I know I’ll find some land
And keep my hands
From shaking so badly