1. La Cosecha

May all the sounds keep us connected.

Lucy Kalantari: vocals, piano, ukulele • Linus Wyrsch: clarinet, responder • Larry Cook: bass, responder • Rich Kulsar: drums, percussion, responder • Michael Irwin: trumpet • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo: rapper • Darius Kalantari: little cello, responder • Erich Schoen-René: big cello • Adelmo Guidarelli: Mr. Opera Man

Singing Kids: Astoria Madden, Hazel Marcus, Jane Marcus, Declan McGuigan

Friends around the world: Alexis, Camila, Catalina, Darius, Elsa, Eman, Erdam, Fabiana, Ganza, Jackson, Jacob, Marianne, Max, Natsumi, Robert, Satoshi, Stella, Winnie

All songs written by Lucy Kalantari © & ℗ 2018, A Few Little Notes, ASCAP, except for rap in “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” written by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo

Recorded and mixed by Denise Barbarita at MONOLisa Studios, Long Island City, NY
Additional recording by Lucy Kalantari at Kalantari Palace Studios, Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Alan Silverman, Arf! Mastering, New York, NY
Design and Illustrations by Rina Miele, HoneyDesign

Produced by Lucy Kalantari